Connect & Control

Increasing operational efficiency

The revolutionary Pro Tools | S6 control surface is the ultimate tool for audio professionals. Its modular and flexible architecture allows operators to design the perfect mixing surface for individual workflows.

For even greater functionality and convenience, the Draco tera | S6 switch integrates with the Pro Tools | S6 system. With a single button press, any Pro Tools workstation can be instantly placed on any screen.

It takes the Pro Tools | S6 to an even greater level of performance and capability. Maximises operational efficiency and vastly simplifies the production workflow. Allowing audio professionals to focus on their jobs, not the equipment.


Workstation on demand

Matching individual workflows

Audio professionals need to access different digital audio workstations in every recording session. The Draco tera | S6 instantly switches between workstations. It’s integrated into the surface itself, so operators can make the change with a single button press.


Streamline the production workflow

Simplifying multi-studio configuration

With ultra-fast switching, intelligent scalability and simple user interface it is now faster and easier to switch devices than ever before. So fast, in fact, that users don’t usually notice a change has been made.


Manage facilities

Reduces total equipment requirement

The advantages extend beyond switching. Facilities can share valuable assets, manage and secure equipment and studios are freed from the noise and heat of local workstations. Rooms can be assigned to the job in hand and operators select the workstation they need, when they need it.


Benefits in post production environments

Why KVM improves the production workflow and saves money.

Direct access

Simple switching between Pro Tools and other work stations.

Signal quality

Latency- and artefact-free audio and video distribution.

Ready for use

Configurable to every application.

High performance

HD-SDI video switching capability.


Preset recall options for repeated setups.


Simplifies equipment installation.

Draco tera

KVM switches for total connectivity

The Draco tera | S6 is part of the Draco tera KVM switch range extending from 8 to 576 ports. In broadcast studios, OB vans and post houses throughout the world, operators, engineers and producers use Draco tera switches to connect to vital

broadcast equipment whenever they need to; without compromise. Draco tera connects and switches users to remote workstations instantly. With no transmission delay or picture degradation. The ideal solution for today’s facilities.

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